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Google Ads Management

Our Google Ads Management generated 226,000 orders and leads in the last 24 months. The cost of managing ads is close to $3 million.

We increase conversion rates and focus on cost per conversion

We use GA4 to gain insight into your industry trends, and we track every conversion

By teaming up with Kongfu, the UGG Shop – a luxury Australian UGG brand – boosted their Google Ads conversion ROI by an impressive 95%

Use GTM and GA4 to track the full customer journey and analyze behavior signals

Optimize Merchant Center listings to enhance P.Max campaign performance

Continually optimize on-page experience and content for better ad campaign results

Kongfuseo is an official Google AdWords Certified Partner

At Kongfu, we have a proven track record of success, having managed over 35 companies in the last 3 years and generating over 226,000 orders and leads. Over the past 3 years, our team has spent over $3M AUD running ads on Google. Our strategies have increased ROI for our clients by more than 256%. Some of our key strengths include:

  • Utilizing a combination of Google Ads and SEO to identify high-quality keywords and eliminate inefficient ad keywords, resulting in more effective ad campaigns.
  • Analyzing competitors using professional tools and our experience to gain insights into their search engine marketing strategies, and utilizing our skills to gain traffic from them.
  • Ensuring that we are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to help our clients succeed. We hold a license to operate Google Ads, we are a certified Google Partner.

Find the right reference for you among the brands we work with below


We create dedicated Google Ads strategy for your business


Google Map local ads – Suitable for those businesses need local shop visits, such as restaurants, retail stores


Google search ads – For anyone who want to reach the active customers in their segments


Google shopping ads – All e-commerce businesses looking for online sales


Youtube video ads – Ideal for those brands need concept promotions or improve new product awareness

As a certified advertising partner of Google, Kongfu constantly improves our service level to ensure optimal results for our clients.

  • We conduct thorough research and analysis, combining Google natural search keywords with advertising keywords to maximize our clients’ visibility and reach.
  • We study your competitors’ bids, costs, and landing pages to stay ahead of the curve and deliver effective campaigns.
  • We offer comprehensive landing page design services, optimizing page content and layout to improve user experience and generate more conversions.
  • We provide detailed statistical analysis reports and hold regular client meetings to ensure ongoing success and make timely adjustments to our advertising strategies.
  • Each project period, we offer between 15 and 50 Google Ads campaigns, with over 100 ad combinations to choose from.
  • Additionally, we offer Youtube video shooting and advertising services to help our clients connect with their target audience in innovative and engaging ways.

Analytical insights

Kongfu offers comprehensive analytical insights to support your marketing campaigns. We utilize advanced tools like Google Tag Manager (GTM), SEO analysis tools, and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to track every conversion and analyze the data. Our deep analysis includes all the data generated from conversion tracking and PPC campaigns. Additionally, we conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors’ ads and spending to develop an effective ad strategy that sets you apart from the competition. We also provide detailed ROI analysis and offer flexible pricing and plan options that suit your budget.

Transparent and professional

Our belief in transparency drives our collaboration with you, as we understand that SEO is a dynamic field and Google Ads is constantly evolving. We ensure that all our work is communicated to you through regular reports and monthly meetings, including ad analytics, ad ROI, and monthly traffic and revenue generated by ads. You have the final say in the direction and future of our partnership based on performance. Working with us carries no risk.

Continuous optimisation

At our agency, we recognize that the business landscape and competition are constantly evolving, and simply showing up in search results and ads is no longer enough. That's why we hold ourselves to a high standard: every 14 days, we aim to see noticeable improvements in conversions and other metrics. We pay attention to every aspect of the user journey, from the ad copy to the landing page to the overall experience, with the goal of not just driving traffic, but converting it effectively. Our focus is always on achieving your desired outcomes and delivering measurable results.

We can be trusted

  1. If we lock ourselves into a contract, there may be some more flexibility. However, if there is no time-bound contract then you can terminate the relationship at any time at the end of the 30 days of each month. Our commitment to working with you always is guaranteed by going above and beyond.
  2. Our successful clients are a prime example of how we strive to achieve the best possible results, from the wording of the ads to the analysis of the results. This includes our comprehensive analysis of SEO and Google AdWords keywords, target market research analysis, research on competitors, and PPC budget planning and adjustment.
  3. We don’t limit ourselves to just one KPI. Instead, we use ROI as a strategic plan for each ad. This means that we are careful with every dollar you spend on advertising because we understand that our partnership will not last unless your revenue increases.

Google Advertising Cooperation Process

1.Consultation and Evaluation

We listen to your needs and goals to understand what you want to achieve with Google advertising. After careful evaluation of the approximate investment costs and expected results, we provide a non-lock-in contract that protects both parties’ interests.

2.Competitor and Industry Analysis

We analyze your competitors’ advertising strengths and weaknesses of their Google search, shopping, and remarketing ads. Our goal is to outperform your competitors and achieve your sales or promotional goals.

3.Ad Creation and Optimization

Our precise headlines and engaging ads deliver accurate messages to your audience. We constantly measure user location, interests, and other demographic data and analyze those data to achieve high conversion rates. Each ad has its own target segment to attract different potential users, and we continuously optimize ad budgets and click-throughs to increase conversion rates.

4.Tracking and Analysis

We set up each Google ad campaigns with corresponding tracking analysis to measure its effectiveness. The progress of the ads and whether they’re evolving in the right direction is crucial.

5.Reporting and Communication

We provide regular updates and reports on the campaign’s progress, traffic statistics, and budget. Our dedicated team is available for regular meetings to discuss campaign processes, expectations, and feedback. Our goal is to stay informed and consistently achieve the best possible results.

Maximize your brand and product sales potential with Kongfu

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