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We have over 350 cases of web design in Melbourne, running all over the world

We design the most effective websites at reasonable prices

Distinctive website design, fast website speed, Google can discover you quickly

After the redesign and optimisation of Panda Hotpot's website, the number of natural users increased by over 95%.

More reasonable structure and better visual effect

Faster mobile access page speed, less than 1.5 seconds

Hot Pot ranked #1 in keyword search and #1 in map

Website Design

If someone is looking to learn more about your company and your business, their first reaction is probably to visit your website. Websites have changed dramatically in the last decade. If your website doesn’t make a good impression, the chances of winning new customers may have disappeared.

An ideal website not only looks good, but should also drive leads and deeper interactions with customers; the website must be a strong salesperson for you.

The website design should be developed for Google and conform to standard structures, such as schema.

At Kongfu SEO, our web design gurus work alongside SEO experts and place the ultimate ability of the website to be a profitable tool for the client at the heart of the website design. Our website design specialises in creating visually compelling platforms with a greater focus on engaging visitors. By actively engaging customer interaction, your website will drive sales. We implement high performance websites that are consistent inside and out and do our best to design high converting websites. We strive to design high-converting websites that are robust, beautiful, and Google-oriented.

Right side case 1 – Paiks Noodle Baek Sung Won Korea’s No.1 Fried Noodles

Right side case 2- Englaon Australia’s number one supplier of caravan televisions

Website Design Process

1. Examine & Evaluate

We listen to what our clients want to achieve and help formulate an action plan. We discuss what features they wish to address on the website and ways to support this vision come true.

We estimate and evaluate how much the project will cost and provide a timeline of events.

2. Market Research & Planning

We look into the fine details of the project and analyse competitors and target audiences. We carefully plan an execution method and ensure that all the ducks are lined up in a row before starting.

3. Web Design

Kongfuseo’s team of designers use market-driven design techniques to ensure that each website’s consumers can effortlessly browse through a website on both computer and mobile devices. We take into consideration UX and UI design to create an optimal and holistic design.

4. Content Producing

We employ copywriters to proofread and enrich each website and carefully select wording to entice your consumers and appeal to your market audience. We conduct thorough investigative topic research, use a compelling tone of voice and professionally proofread to ensure that your business and brand’s message is clear.

5. Web Development & Testing

Share blog posts, products, or promotions with your customers. Use this text to describe products, share details on availability and style, or as a space to display recent reviews or FAQs.

6. Launching & Maintenance

After the website is vigorously tested, it is ready to be deployed and launched. Our team can help with public domain setups if required and help maintain the website to ensure that it is free of bugs and glitches and runs at its optimal capacity.

E-commerce website design

With 11 years of experience in building e-commerce websites, we have gained trust. This trusts come from the stability and reliability of each of our websites. Not only that, but these sites end up being hugely profitable and help to
build brands. We work with SMBs, whether it's WooCommerce or Shopify. We analyse the competition, design a scientifically optimised product
presentation, and ensure an easy user shopping experience. We integrate payment gateways with ANZ, Paypal and CBA, making your online payments easier than ever before. We offer customisation services to accurately represent the style, values and culture of your business. To accomplish this, our eCommerce web development agency uses state-of-the-art methods and mobile-first approaches. Our team conducts in-depth research to understand your business goals, processes, operations, competitors, and audience. We then create site maps and user flow charts that encompass the entire optimisation plan to define your new eCommerce site and maximise ROI. Our team also takes various steps to test your eCommerce site. To ensure that everything is working properly and that you are getting the most out of it. We will only provide you with quality websites that pass all of our checklists.

Commercial display websites

When designing a website for a restaurant, a corporate entity, a law firm, or a product manufacturer, it is essential to tailor the website's design to the company's cultural concept and intended audience. Your website is the face of your company in the virtual space of the internet, and it can be the gateway to potential clients or partners. Our team specialises in designing websites for businesses in Melbourne and globally. We ensure timely delivery of our services,
depending on the website's size. If you are searching for a Melbourne-based web design company to develop your website, we are the reliable team you can trust.

Restaurant website exemplary Panda Hotpot & Nikushiki 

Manufacturing website.   ATOP Louvresky

Law firms and schools TNS Law Firm ZOI

Choose Kongfu as your reason for cooperation in website design

We design websites with your company logo, philosophy and market in mind. We design websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Our website design is more in line with internationally popular aesthetic requirements, making your website stand out among similar websites worldwide.

We work with you not only in the early stages of design but also in the middle of development to make the right adjustments to your website, with the goal of fully integrating your ideas and culture into the site.

Over the past 10 years of web design, our goal has been to improve website performance, reduce design costs and provide the best solution for post-site maintenance. Our artists and developers always strive for perfection and excellence in the design solutions they customise for you.

We deliver a website that is not only useful but also easy to use. Once the website is up and running, you still have the flexibility to upgrade and change the graphics and content.

We provide complete post-site management, which includes code upgrades, security backups, long-term hosting and protection against viruses and hackers to solve your worries.

To summarise the advantages of our website design: flat website structure, easy to find content and products and services; up-to-date technology, using the most advanced technology platform; focus on mobile website design, excellent user experience; help users to optimise content; Google-oriented website design solutions, the website will stand out in Google rankings.

Complete our standard testing process prior to website delivery and complete an initial Google SEO Optimisation


We help the brands above stand out among their peers, and you can too.

Kongfu is a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, a respectable company