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We use design media to enhance brands and increase conversions.

We gain insights into industry trends and track each conversion.

Our social media operations convert potential customers, re-engage former customers, and ensure existing customers maintain brand loyalty. Regardless of the company's size, we treat everyone equally. We operate small personal companies and manage accounts of large multinational corporations. Depending on each company's target audience and products, the social media platforms and strategies needed vary.

We also customize our service packages based on your financial capability. Our goal is aligned with yours: to promote your brand, services, and products, gradually enhance brand awareness, and increase user loyalty!

UggOutlet, the most extensive Ugg retail store in Australia, saw a 155% increase in new Facebook followers after partnering with Gongfu.

Establish a social persona to convey brand values and image, continuously optimize and improve social media ad conversions, optimize social platform pages, and accelerate B2C business growth through social media advertising.

Nowadays, users can discover brands, browse their products and/or services, and complete purchases without leaving the app, making Instagram and Facebook unbeatable platforms. Social media marketing involves creating content for social media platforms to promote your products and/or services, build a community with your target audience, and drive traffic to your business.

As new features and platforms emerge daily, social media marketing is constantly evolving.

Social Media Planning

We conduct monthly media planning to ensure the quality of brand or ad message delivery.


Establish a social persona and actively interact with fans.

Creative Media

Create more creative videos and images to facilitate sharing.

Content Creation

Avoid hard advertising placements and focus on quality content output.


Control the timing of posts, sharing during peak user activity periods.

Operating social media

Social media operation strategy involves creating and implementing a plan to engage audiences, increase brand exposure, and enhance brand awareness and loyalty. Here are some commonly used social media operation strategies:

1. **Understand the Target Audience**: Gain deep insights into the preferences, needs, and tastes of the target audience to develop more appealing social media strategies.

2. **Choose the Appropriate Social Media Platforms**: Select suitable social media platforms based on the characteristics of the target audience and the nature of the brand to ensure the content is maximally delivered to the target audience.

3. **Develop a Content Plan**: Create a content plan that aligns with the brand image, including content types, posting times, and posting frequency, to ensure content coherence and consistency.

4. **Use Attractive Visual Effects**: Utilize images, videos, and animations to convey information more quickly and clearly, attracting more target audiences.

5. **Engage with the Audience**: Respond to audience comments and questions to increase audience engagement and build interaction and connection between the brand and the audience.

6. **Track and Analyze Data**: Track and analyze data to understand audience reactions, brand exposure, and awareness, continually improving and optimizing social media strategies.

7. **Collaborate with Relevant Fields**: Work with professionals, influencers, or other brands in related fields to attract more attention and enhance the brand's influence.

8. **Continuous Innovation and Experimentation**: Try different social media strategies and innovative content to maintain audience interest and keep the brand innovative.