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SEO Services

Why is SEO Service so important?

Each Google search result is determined by his specific algorithm, and your ranking in Google is determined by a certain algorithmic result in over 3.5 billion searches per day to determine the display position. Google’s algorithm is so precise in pushing the best websites to the first page.
Search engine optimization is the full name of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Our job is to transform your website through the established process of SEO, from the pages of your website to your external links, to better suit the requirements of Google’s algorithm. As the website continues to improve its performance and the quality of its external links, it gradually rises to the best position in the rankings.
The position of Google ranking almost determines the existence of the website. More than 45% of search users will click on the 1-3 search results, more than 20% of users click on the second echelon of search results, 12% of users click on the other results on the first page, and the percentage of users who click on the second page is relatively small.
We have been following the pace of Google’s algorithm updates and insist on using the most stringent search engine optimization process for the completion of optimization. We provide quality SEO services to local and multinational companies in Australia, USA, Europe and China. Our clients include international companies such as European Railways (Eurail), ATOP, ZOI Education, SAS Signage, Englaon and Shu Warrior Overseas Affiliates. These companies have also gained more effective website visits and more sales revenue through our SEO services.
For example, we helped European railroad companies to improve keywords such as “Eurostar” and “buy Eurostar train tickets”, which led to a huge increase in traffic to their websites. We helped Shu Warrior to improve “hot pot”, which made their keywords occupy the first position on the first page of Google for a long time.

We help these companies below consistently rank ahead of their competitors in Google for their important products and services.

Higher Google Search Results

Over the course of 2 years, we helped EMIER rank on the first page of Google for the keywords “second hand designer bags” in English and “used bags” and “consignment” in Chinese. This result helped EMIER to get more than 20K natural traffic per month.

Raising the competitive edge of your brand

When ranking on the first page for important keywords, the brand competitiveness has been raised to a new level. Ecommerce click-through conversion rates will gradually increase and SEO is a competitive necessity for your brand. The increase in ranking for “kitchen benchtops” makes Lavistone’s brand competition stand out.

SEO leads to more sales opportunities

SEO optimizes the pages, making the keywords more relevant to the actual content expected to be promoted. This leads to more accurate search results, resulting in more effective visits to the site. Users stay on the page longer and ultimately lead to more sales opportunities.

SEO is the more affordable marketing

Search Engine Optimization is the most affordable and long-term benefit compared to all other marketing investments. Google natural search results are the best representation of brand value, and the same investment in advertising is almost double the ROI.

Google natural search traffic is mainstream

Natural search is the absolute main source of website traffic and is an important part of the worldwide buyer channel. Quality Google natural search sources users and ultimately allows them to complete conversions and interact with your website.

How we did these successful Google SEO cases

We value Google SEO strategy above all else

In our eyes, each client has its own unique business characteristics and geographical features. Each keyword has its own attributes, i.e. keyword search volume, keyword difficulty, etc. We have the methodology to research and develop an SEO strategy. So we will carry out an in-depth analysis of your business, analyse and filter the keywords and set priorities. We will create a list of keywords that need to be boosted based on your needs together with our recommendations. Our strategy will be adjusted during implementation according to the results of Google Index. Our regular reports and meetings will provide you with details of the overall strategy implementation and progress.

(Right case SAS SIGNAGE, Australia’s largest signage and construction materials supplier, we keep “aluminium composite pane”, “signage”, “A Frame” on the first page of Google)

The excellent ranking results you see come from

Fully transparent SEO services workflow without implication

We provide an initial report in the first week of the project where you can see the keyword search volume, your ranking status and that of your competitors. You can verify the keyword search volume and ranking and change the keywords you consider more important. In each monthly report, we provide you with changes in your rankings and those of your competitors, and more importantly, we provide you with unmodified GA4 (Google Analytics Platform 4) reports that provide full transparency of your website traffic and traffic sources. That is, you are transparent from the strategy analysis, SEO initialization report to the monthly summary report already Google Analytics report, full transparency is our purpose for your SEO optimization, no hidden ingredients.
(On the left side is the case of UGGOUTLET, you can check the search ranking of “ugg outlet” and other related keywords, and see that our users are always on the first page of Google search results, and of course the Google map ranking of their stores)

Google SEO algorithm is continuously updated, so we are improving ourselves every week

Every month, each iteration is optimized beyond our previous version

Google’s algorithm for natural search results is constantly being updated. Google’s ranking results are also a result of a comprehensive comparison. So during the SEO process, your website may deteriorate our results either because of algorithm adjustments or because our competitors are ranking ahead. This is bound to happen, especially as our keyword coverage gets larger and larger.
We are constantly exploring and introducing new technologies and tools to help us gain more scientific judgment and analysis. We are proactive in identifying problems and finding keyword ranking drops so that we can react in advance and fix the downward trend in time.

SEO on-page optimization

We use tools to find problems with the page. We are experienced and can easily define where the problems are. We optimize meta tags, H1/H2/H3 headings, meta descriptions, structured data, etc. We also perform site content and image optimization. In the end, your website will have a new look in terms of user experience and Google will be very happy.

SEO external links and Advertorial

Off-site optimization is the result of a combination of actions including building external links, increasing company brand exposure, and brand management. For example, we drive the DR of a website by publishing soft copy, or news and social media marketing, etc., which accelerates ranking improvement and conversion increase.

SEO Reports and Google Analytics GA4 Reports

We provide very comprehensive reports on keyword ranking changes, competitor changes, website traffic and traffic channels. We provide Google Analytics reports so you can know if traffic is increasing and where they are coming from. These reports are enough for you to determine if your spending on SEO is worth it.

SEO external links and Advertorial

Off-site optimization is the result of a combination of actions including building external links, increasing company brand exposure, and brand management. For example, we drive the DR of a website by publishing soft copy, or news and social media marketing, etc., which accelerates ranking improvement and conversion increase.

The cooperation mechanism you are most interested in

Many companies require a contract for more than six months. If you run into a weak company you may have to waste a year of huge fees and 12 months of your time. Our contracts are not time-locked, so you can determine whether to continue working with us the following month based on the results at the end of each month.

When choosing a company to start SEO services you must examine the company's cooperation case

Our track record of success in both Melbourne and global SEO speaks for itself, demonstrating our expertise in the field. We are so confident in our abilities that we do not require any contract time lock-ins, allowing you to trust us with your website without any reservations. Our prices are competitive and reflective of the high-quality services we offer in Melbourne.

Focus on keyword justification and optimization process compliance after starting an SEO project

When we talk to clients, we tell them to make sure that their keywords are useful when they start Google SEO. This means that the keyword has search volume. You can usually check the search volume in the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool. Only keywords that have search volume are really needed.
Our team of SEO experts in Melbourne follows the cycle of optimization theory of analyze, optimize, eliminate, analyze, optimize. We adhere to white hat SEO and eliminate any potential to push your website to the brink of a Google penalty.
Last but not least is reporting: you should receive monthly rankings for each keyword and changes in rankings of your set competitors. You should also receive Google Analytics reports to confirm that your website traffic is increasing and that it is the traffic you are expecting from your keywords.

Achievement of SEO goals and our professional ethics

The SEO industry is cluttered with companies that hold up signs but don’t actually help your business grow. We follow Google’s SEO “rulebook”. We believe in professional ethics and integrity. We tailor our keywords to your needs, regardless of whether they are high or low difficulty factors.
We strive to get the maximum amount of traffic from your keywords, which requires us to get your website to the number one position out of only ten rankings on the first page of Google.
While we drive traffic to your site, we expect that traffic to interact with your site and lead to quality conversions.

Answers to questions about Google SEO

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimization is a technical technique by which a website can rank on the first page of the natural search results of Google and other search tools. SEO is divided into two parts: onsite optimization and offsite optimization. We continuously improve the ranking of our website in Google by optimizing the onsite pages and building high quality offsite links. We keep up with Google’s search engine algorithm updates and adhere to the strictest search engine optimization process to serve you. Over the past 10 years, we have provided quality SEO services to local and multinational companies in Australia, USA, Europe and China. Our clients include international companies such as Eurail, ATOP, ZOI Education, SAS Signage, and Panda Hotpot Overseas Affiliates. These companies have also gained more effective website visits and more revenue from sales through our SEO services. Please visit our blog to learn more about Google SEO services.

How to choose your search engine optimisation company?

First of all, you should look at the company’s own keyword rankings, such as search for “Google promotion”, “Google ranking optimization”, or “Chinese SEO” such keywords to see the ranking of [Kongfu]; look at Our clients are all over Europe, USA, China and Australia.

How to determine search engine optimisation results?

First of all, we should choose the keywords with high search volume as the optimization target, which is the reference benchmark for future assessment; secondly, we should see whether the pages are gradually completing the necessary optimization; thirdly, we should see whether the pre-determined keywords have partially risen to the first page of Google within 90 days.

How do I choose SEO keywords (or keyphrases)?

Visitors find you by searching Google for keywords. So choosing keywords, and keywords that are right for you, is central. Whether your website is a service or a product, you need to take a hard look at the content of your website and let the content set the keywords.
Every website has a few core keywords, such as Hot Pot and “hot pot” (Panda Hotpot has been a partner of Kongfuseo for almost 5 years). Usually we want to get the keywords that best reflect the core business of the business or the content of this page and another extension (variant) of it. We will use our own powerful analysis tools to help you certify your keywords, but we prefer to get your support and approval, after all, you know your business better than we do. If you have keywords that do not match the current page, then you may want to consider creating a new page.